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Raja Ampat Diving Tag System

Raja Ampat Diving Tag System

The new fee system will be signed into law and all the materials required for the new tag system (tags/receipts) will be ready for the launch on the 15th July 2007.

The annual tag will normally be valid from the 1st January until the 31st January of the following year. This year the tags will be valid from 15th July 2007 until 31st January 2008.

The tag will cost Rp 500,000 per person for all foreigners.
Indonesian citizens can opt to pay Rp 250,000. All Indonesian visitors from outside Sorong/Raja Ampat (ie who fly in) are supposed to pay this fee. This year they will get a tag, but in future they will only get an entry card (like a credit card). This was the Bupati’s decision.

How to buy your tags.
At the airport – Representatives of the Fund Management Team will be at the airport to collect tag fees. You will get 2 receipts for each tag. One for Rp 150,000 Retribusi Fee(For local government for infrastructure development) and Rp 350,000 for MPA Management and Community Development Fee.
Advance purchase – From CI office in Bali or Sorong during office hours – details below.
Provide a passenger list with name and passport number and a column for their individual tag number. You can provide this before you sail if you have pre-purchased tag.

What else you need to do.
In order that you do not have to check into every village during your trip you are required to;

E-mail or fax – A picture (~300Kb jpeg) of your boat so the villagers recognize friend from foe. (one time only – a poster will be made and sent to all – villages)

Your sailing schedule for Raja Ampat (one time only for the year or your season)
A general itinerary of where you plan to go a week before you leave. This will be announced over the community radio prior to your sailing.
Indonesian Crew members do not have to have a tag – but you could get them if you like…
Note – there will be a Rp10 million fine for not having a tag

This will be updated when 2 fulltime staff are employed by the Fund Management Team to collect the fees, do financial reporting, provide up dates for the new web site and provide logistical support for the fund distribution. CI has offered to handle this temporarily until they are set up.

CI Office in Sorong

Jalan Arfak No. 45 Sorong 98413
Tel +62 951 331428 Fax +62 951331786
e-mail amarlessy@ conservation.org
cc adohar@ conservation.org

Inne Marlessy is the office manager of CI in Sorong, Anita Dohar is in charge of tourism matters for CI in Raja Ampat.

CI Office in Bali
Jalan Dr. Muwardi No 17
Renon, Denpasar, Bali 80361
Tel +62 361 237245 Fax +62 361 235430

Citra is the office manager in CI Bali
I would ask you to be a bit patient while the various kinks in the system are worked out. A special bank account will be set up so you will in future be able to transfer funds for the tags. CI/CORAL will ensure a transparent system is set up for the collection and disbursement of fees. This will be reported monthly on the web site. (see below).

Fund Management

The Non-Retribusi fund will be managed by a team comprising representatives from the Bupatis office, Tourism Dept, Fisheries Dept, Conservation International, Nature Conservancy, Kompers (local turtle conservation NGO), a representative of the dive operators and Dewan Adat. An initial meeting will be held next week with a few key members to agree to hire staff and set up the bank account. The main meeting will be held in November every year to determine the disbursement of funds. More about that later.

The fund money will be disbursed as follows;
# 40% Community Development
# 40% Conservation Management and Patrol
# 20% Administration

There will be an audit team including Kompers to independently check the finances.
What else is going on..

New Logo
A logo has been designed that will clearly define the Conservation Fund to all beneficiaries.

Community Programme
It will take some time for the fund to grow and show benefits to the community. In order try and minimize community disenchantment with the system, Conservation International will provide an initial start up grant for the Posiandu System (mothers and babies clinic) which will benefit every village. Cadres(village nurses)

will be provided with T-shirts with the Fund logo and all the materials provided will be similarly identifiable. We are hoping to get the programme up and running in the next couple of months but have been delayed as the ma

jor leader in CI for community programmes is recovering from Malaria. Jacinta – we hope you get better soon!

New CORAL representative
And last but not least, my contract with CORAL comes to an end this month (June) and I will be replaced by Rick Wright. Much as I have enjoyed working with CORAL and all of you, I have some other projects to work on and know that Rick will do a great job. Rick is based in Bali, has a Masters in Marine Affairs specializing in MPA management in Indonesia. A retired US Navy submarine commander and Navel attaché in Indonesia, Rick has great experience in the country and speaks the language. I am sure you will enjoy working with him.

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